When Jannicke was finishing her studies as a professional flutist and working extra as a DJ in a local bar, she decided to take up singing again. She joined the hard rock band E135 as a vocalist, songwriter and flutist, with whom she has released a number of singles. After meeting the guitarist E-P at a local jam night they started playing together every now and then. They noticed they liked the same bands like Aerosmith, Pink Floyd, Whitesnake, Fleetwood Mac (the list goes on).The roots, so to say, firmly rooted in 60’s, 70’s and 80’s rock. E-P wasn’t really happy with the direction his current band was going, so he suggested they’d form a group together instead. This is when Lion Eyes was born.

Lion Eyes started out playing acoustic covers of Jannicke’s and E-P’s favorite bands, spicing them up with harmony singing and the flute. Things started rolling rather quickly. By the end of the summer Lion Eyes had already played at Porin Jazzkatu, Puutori Blues and Turku Acoustic Festival. They had also been handpicked to Bad New Music‘s roster. After two years of playing successful gigs all over Finland, and a couple in Denmark and Germany too, Lion Eyes decided to step up their game. This summer Lion Eyes will also play their own original material. The songs have strong melodies and interesting hooks, but also very straight forward rock music. The 70’s roots are heavily present, but Jannicke’s strong and convincing vocal performance bring them to this day.


Jannicke Ingelin has studied the flute at the Turku University of Applied Sciences and is currently working as a flute teacher at Raaseporin Musiikkiopisto. Ingelin has a long history of singing and playing in various groups ever since she as a 14 year old joined her first rock band. At the moment Ingelin is in addition to Lion Eyes also performing with the group E 135 which debut album will be published by the record lable Go On Publishing in winter 2015. Photo: Timo Kulmala


E-P Parviainen is a talented guitarist and song-writer from Turku who has played with different bands along the years. Parviainen is also a guitar-maker. Photo: Marilda Lindvall